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kinky kristmas 2021


Spring 2021


Autumn 2021

From Out the Closet to Under the Ground...Get down here for a discrete night of fetish fun and frivolity in the loud darkness under the ambience of those deep house and dance tunes with guest DJs and sexy entertainment.

Make sure you don't miss Spanks seasonal underground takeover of The Goodwill Club, in the basement of The Rechabite Hall, Northbridge...

It's a very gay night in the Noir for men, trans, non-binary and for those that identify as men.

We do not believe in refusing entry to anyone based on gender, so ladies,

you are still very welcome to join in on the shenanigans but please be aware that it will have a strong male presence.

The Rechabite have made a statement to our Noir patrons regarding sharing toilets with other patrons of the venue


“At The Rechabite we strive to be an inclusive and safe space for all. We have zero tolerance towards any patron that makes any other feel unsafe in any way, regardless of where they are in the venue. Bathroom access and behavioural standards at the venue reflects this. 

Everyone at The Rechabite has the right to choose whichever bathroom facility suits them and in which they feel most comfortable. This has been our policy since opening and signage reflects this. 

We’ll be rolling out additional signage that reinforces this messaging at the entry to all bathrooms for upcoming events to make this policy all the clearer. We ask that all patrons respect each other’s bathroom access and safe passage around the venue. Should an issue arise please let our staff know, we are here to help and support our patrons.” 

                                -Management (The Rechabite)

sat (1).jpg

We have a strict zero-tolerance for harassment

of any kind and/or aggressive behaviour.

Such patrons will be removed by

venue managers immediately.

Choose whichever bathroom you feel comfortable in.

Dress Code

Minimum dress would be a G-string/jockstrap.

Bare chest/tank tops allowed.

 Closed shoes must be worn at

all times (safety reasons).

Ladies must have nipple covers and will need to cover up when outside of the Goodwill Club.


White arm bands will be given to those who DO NOT wish to have their photos taken at our Noir Events

cloak room

Spank bears the cost of the cloak room and each item as safety is paramount at our kinky Noir events.

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